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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

observations on grief

I have been fascinated by others reactions to my grief. When I share that my husband died suddenly - some people seem to respond as if whatever he had was contagious. There are also people who will not even mention it like the neighbor who was told by my kids and expressed sympathy but upon seeing me-said absolutely nothing. Death definitely makes some uncomfortable. I have colleagues that have not acknowledged me at all. I am preoccupied with this a bit. It seems so rude-so hard to comprehend-so uncaring. It is almost as if I have "cooties".
When I sit and think about it I realize it is not about my situation-it is something about the person who cannot accept and extend themselves when faced with death. It has nothing to do with me-even though it hurts that people cannot get past their fear to reach out to me. And it is so unexpected, because in some cases, these people are health professionals.
Long day and I am tired. Haven't had a good nights sleep since he died.

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