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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

so many things

Bruce had so many things. He loved collecting. He had a collection of Hawaiian shirts, coins, stamps, pens, watches, CD's ..... The list goes on. So now everything carries a memory for me. I can't get rid of anything since the thing itself triggers my recollections of life with him. I don't know how to choose what to hold on to. When I think about my other big losses, my dad, my grandmother, my uncle-I have no things left from them. I have pictures to look back on but even that is sparse.

1 comment:

  1. Dont be afraid that if you dont think about Bruce every day you will forget him. That will not happen. The memories come back, sometimes more intense. Bits and pieces, good and bad. that is why the first reaction is not to lose anything he had of collected or made or anything. I couldnt change a broken door because I thought that it would make me lose something of him.
    I love you, I think about you and Bruce together and then I think about you alone. It is lonely. You dont have to keep thinking about the things you do have. It is okay to think about what you have lost.