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Friday, February 19, 2010

his favorite things

i hang out a lot with widows now and sometimes we send each other or give each other ideas on comforting activities. A e-mailed me a while back and told me that she wrote down her husband's favorite things as a way of dealing with her anniversary month (which happens to be February as well). So, here goes. Since Bruce loved things (almost as much as I used to) this list may be long. But here are some of his favorites:

Hawaiian shirts (especially Tommy Bahamas)
Shoes (he loved Stacy Adams-long story goes with this)
His Lucky jeans in size 33!
Me (could not resist)
Limos and going anywhere first class
Alcohol-grey goose vodka, top of the line scotch, whiskey, cognac
Sci-fi series (especially the BBC ones)
Classic horror flicks
Food-especially prime rib, asparagus, lasagna, cheesecake
Kate and Alex and Jon (this is not in order)
Books (at age 45 Bruce decided he would read for pleasure and this opened up a new world for us-he especially liked detective fiction - Walter Mosley, Robert Crais)
Cars (he loved his Thunderbird, his FJ Cruiser too)
Bebe his dog
Being thin
Watching all the judge shows-even the bad ones
The Comedy Channel
Lifetime movies
Anything Christmas, Anything Disney
Music - some of his favorite artists were Billy Joel, KT Tunstall

I am tiring so maybe more tomorrow. One of the things that we will do this weekend is remember him, his humor, his generosity, and some of his not so good qualities - like his being stubborn, and his need to be an expert on everything. But Bruce was so engaging that he could talk me into anything even when I tried hard to disagree. And towards the later part of our 34 years together, I was literally putty in his hands. He could get me to agree to almost anything. He was the light in my life, the sunshine, the reason to get up in the morning and to come home in the evening. I am so lost without him - speechless and afraid.

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