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Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This past weekend was July 4th. As I did last year, I spent this year in San Diego with the kids. We sat on the beach and watched fireworks. Bruce loved fireworks and I do remember vividly the discussions about where and how we would see them each year. It was a bit of a struggle-since I do not like loud noises and don't like being out in a crowd watching them. But I ignored my hesitations last year and sat on the beach with the kids and repeated it this year and watched them again. It was cold and rather dismal. A bit ironic that I am watching fireworks now, and when Bruce was alive, it was difficult to get me to do it-even though he wanted to so badly.

July so far has been cold and although people in the Northeast have been complaining about the heat-we have had a cold snap unlike any other year I can remember. Even though the weather echoes my mood-I could do with some warmth and some sunshine. I continue to be rather exhausted, slept a lot this weekend and could do with some more.

And like any other holiday weekend so far since Bruce died, I miss him.

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