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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Visiting my past

I finally got over my fear of flying by myself and got on a plane to visit a good friend. Coincidentally this friend now lives in a town where Bruce and I lived for 2 years. So I visited me and the ghosts of my past life. A bit eerie but I am now back home having survived a visit to my former life 24 years ago.

I felt pangs of sadness, but do not remember our time in Boston being the high point of my past-so was glad that I was not bombarded with happy memories. Most of the memories were fleeting as is my usual state of affairs. I vaguely recalled places in the town where we had been and brief glimpses of events that we all participated in. My friend and I visited the New England Book Fair, an institution that still exists in Needham, MA. I even bought the kids books for old times sake.

What most struck me was how we have all changed. How life's challenges wear us down. My friend has taken on some new responsibilities and I worry that she is sagging under the weight. How do we cope, why do we choose to keep on going? The human spirit is indeed amazing.

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