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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I am not resilient at all. There were a few months when things were a bit better and now it seems that we are back to coping with bad news. Illness, financial difficulties and stress an old friend that has come to sit beside me once again. I can count my blessings but it is hard when there seems to be so much turmoil around me.

How does one weather the storm? I used to turn to Bruce for support or at least companionship when life became difficult. His sense of humor and then mine would kick in and we would joke about the harsh realities. It helped us to get through some really rough times. Now I am alone in it and hard to not give in and be morose.

But I know that I and those around me will persevere and I need to try and put these things in context and hope for the best. I have gotten through some very challenging crises over the years especially the last 2 since Bruce died. I will try and focus on the positives.

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