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Friday, September 16, 2011

Long time

It has been a long time between posts. The summer went by at warp speed. The summer before was agonizingly slow and this summer way too fast. August was a flurry of activities with 3 parties, travel to Portland, San Diego and New York. My mood is both up and down. I am excited about the positive events coming up-2 new members of the Berg family-a grandchild and daughter-in-law, and so sad that Bruce is not here to share it with me. I continue to struggle with the loss and the aftermath of it. October 1st I start a much needed sabbatical and of course have more on my plate than is possible to ingest. But I am putting one foot in front of the other and attempting to move forward. Is there any other way to exist? I have also promised myself I will start putting my thoughts on paper instead of the running commentary (a la Carrie Bradshaw) that exists in my head. Blogging is good for me-maybe helps me keep grounded. I guess I will have to see how it all turns out.