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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Just when you are ready to get back in the water.....

As a child, I frequently remember sentences that flowed in my brain which could have been the first in a short story or novel.  I still do this today and there were a few that I thought of this morning as I walked my incorrigible beast Bebe.  I thought of the expression "And the other shoe drops" but the one that really said it best appears as the title in the post.

Three years-was I ready to "get back on the horse", start entertaining (literally?) the notion that there is someone else out there to cuddle with and be my friend?  So I plunged in.  These past few weeks have been an experiment with the new computer age dating scene.  Although I have decided that I may not be ready for this sort of thing, it was an interesting ride.  I am okay-a bit down in the dumps after being up in the clouds but there it is.  There may be life after Bruce, or at least a new chapter-but I think that chapter will need to wait to be written.

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