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Friday, June 1, 2012

And so it goes.....

Hard week, hard month and I am sad.  Funny how the pace of life is sometimes so full and then it is not.
Last week was a trip with a "significant other", followed by my son's wedding.  So-confronted with grief street once again.  Turned the corner and then here I am again.  Said goodbye to the significant other, and my role as the MVP in my son's life (while maybe this is over dramatizing things a bit).  Sure would have been easier to complain to Bruce about the latter.  And so it goes.....

Taking a breath, hoping to move past the latest emotional turmoil and then back out online to see if there is anyone waiting in the wings.  I do miss the fact that even though he was emotionally unavailable, there was someone there.  But he was totally closed off and it was too much work.  It is all too hard-but I guess I need to continue to try.

Hard to be resilient these days.

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