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Sunday, July 22, 2012


Really hard week, and month.....   Life has been too challenging lately.  All the loss re stimulated, and then the crises-one after another.  First Bebe's surgery and the difficulty getting her settled, then her infected foot, and finally on Monday-for me a bad fall and a cold.  I fell in the garage and thought that I had escaped calamity.  Walked all day on my foot and then by 6PM I could not bear any weight on my foot and the pain was excruciating.  Drove myself to the ED-I had to "man-up" and take care of myself in the true stoic widow fashion.  Had spasms up and down my leg and even though I can tolerate pain pretty well was beyond the usual 0-10 pain scale.  Finally found out that I fractured my foot-and was casted and put on crutches.  After two days I graduated to a walking boot and the cold and sore throat became my worst problem.  Bebe was put in the kennel Monday eve because in my condition I had difficulty caring for myself, and so could not care for her-with her cone-head, loose stool, post op situation.

So here I am Sunday eve.  Almost a week later.  I am getting around with my boot, Bebe is home with me and I am going to get through this.  My aunt came and rescued me and helped me to feel a bit more confident.  I chant daily that this too shall pass.

Challenges.  Why so many?  Random attacks without any warning.  Need to be resilient.  

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