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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Black Hole

Is it the time of the year that makes me so contemplative?  I am glad that I have survived some of the pain of the loss but it is hard to keep my head up these days.  I am overwhelmed lately-an emotion that is not unfamiliar to me.   Too much to do, too little energy-sometime too little control over things.  My schedule is relentless, and the fact that I cannot always function - having one hand partially out of commission, is both irritating and a bit frightening.  How can I manage?  How will I move forward?  What do I need to do to move past these hurdles that seem impossible?

I try not to think about such things but my days are full of worries.  Money, time, disability-and me-only me to deal with it.


  1. We are truly sisters in widowhood. Although, others have traveled this same journey it is a lonely road. I,too, find myself half-functioning most of the time and I have an ever present heaviness on my shoulders. It's difficult to articulate to well-meaning acquaintances what we are experiencing and I don't really try to explain.

  2. So sorry that life is so difficult but we did not choose this path for ourselves. Sometimes we just have to move through blindly with some hope that things will be better at some point.
    Thanks for keeping up with the blog.