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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sometimes it is the little things......

This week is a hard week in general.  The end of the week marks another year for me on the planet, another day to reflect on the years behind and the years ahead.  This past year has been full of challenges: a broken foot, and my latest catastrophe-my poor right hand.  I feel beaten down and I need renewal. 

This week also was the week I remortgaged the house.  Yes, I finally took advantage of the lower rates and signed all the papers.  As I was signing, I thought back to the countless times I did this with Bruce.  We would sit at the table and pass the papers back and forth.  We did this so many times that I had a pang as I was doing this alone.  And I also found out that I again owe many thousands to the Federal Government. 

Hard times, wish I could get a momentary respite and get some really good news.