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Thursday, December 5, 2013

a solitary life

I have been wallowing.  Licking my wounds and totally feeling sad for myself.  I know that I need to stop and move forward.  I want to close my eyes and shut all of this out.  Too many traumas, too many decisions and too much work to do.  Is there hope for the future? Hard for me to see it now.

But I do know that there will be good to come.  Maybe not everything I want, but perhaps something good is around the corner.  I want to be hopeful, I want to believe that my luck will change, that my karma will start being positive.

Holidays ahead and the solitude.  I have got to hang on.

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  1. There's no shame in asking for professional help, if you can't find your way forward soon. Or maybe a local grief support group to get involved in would help. Hang in there. Better days are ahead....but we do have to work at the changes we want for ourselves.