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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Reflections on 2013

2013, a year of promise and disappointments.

So the year is coming to a close.  Lots of things happened this past year.  I had a horrible injury, requiring 2 surgeries, physical therapy, and a medical leave.  I had a man friend, and had a great time with him in San Francisco, Colorado, and at home.  I realized that I could not catch up or keep up with work demands, and so am going to call it quits at the end of the summer.  I enjoyed my family, my grandson (just 2 years old), my children (the ones that I gave birth to and the ones that were married in), my mom, my aunt, my cousins etc...... I had lots of laughs with my friends.  I suffered my first big loss when my man friend abruptly said goodbye, and then the deaths of friends and family. 

All in all-as I look back, I am struck by how tumultuous life was.  I am sad that I am alone again after a 14 month relationship - only a reminder of what I lost when Bruce died.  I am hoping that 2014 will bring some joy.  Of course the joy has got to be orchestrated by me.  After I am done feeling sad-I will get back on line, setting up coffee dates weekly.  I will plan the second career that I need to have in order to keep up with expenses, and try and find some pleasure in the work that I take on.  It is time to rebuild, construct a life that minimizes the disappointments and capitalizes on the promise.

On to the New Year