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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

nearing the mark

Hard to believe that it has been 5 years.  Thursday marks the 5th year since Bruce's death.  I am not planning on taking the day off, my schedule is packed and I did not feel that I could change it.  Maybe I should have.......

It is not passing without reflection and sadness.  I miss him and honestly I also miss the life that I had.    
He never bored me-always could make me laugh and always made me feel loved.  I guess that is extremely rare and that is something that has been difficult to do without.  With Bruce, I was always #1.  I never felt that there was anyone else on the planet that he would rather be with and I am sure that this phenomenon will never happen again.  Of course, there were times when I wanted some space and I felt the pressure of being attentive to his needs-BUT, how wonderful that I was loved and cherished this way.  And I will always, always be grateful for having that.  And yes, I miss that so much.

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  1. I'm still reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.
    This weekend I attended a wedding and was seated at a table of married couples. One of the husbands asked me if my husband would be joining me. As his wife quickly whispered to him that Chuck had died, the awkward moment passed.
    It is these encounters that make me feel so lonely. Where are the eligible, financially, stable, healthy, older men?