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Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Review

How helpful is it to look back?  For the past 2 nights, I have been rehashing the past 4 months.  What happened, what changed, why didn't I pay attention to the signs?  Were there signs?  How can I exercise more control over what happens to me?  How can I continue to be proactive after a series of unfortunate events?

I try to be out there-brave in forging a new path for myself.  Now I am dealing with so many new uncertains.  I have done this before but usually there has been some stability as a safety.  Bruce was that for me.  I was hoping that the new man in my life was that as well.  I guess it is foolish to assign that role to a person I hardly knew.  Now I have that loss to deal with as well.  Where is my "home"?  For me home was not just a place, it was a person who provided that base.  Everything is changing, my road ahead is dark and I am just trying to move cautiously and not get sidetracked.

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