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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Living in the Moment

Since Bruce died, I have heard the phrase "live in the moment" hundreds of times.  How do you do that and plan for the future?  How do you do that and make things happen?  I believe in being proactive-trying to figure out and then get what I want.  And at this point, I have some ideas about what I want.

It is funny (and I have commented on this previously), that life before Bruce died was like treading water.  Sure there was some turbulence, but for the most part - my course was set or if it wasn't it-there was the team to deal with it.  Now, I am steering the ship.  I recognize that "living in the moment" means to appreciate being present to appreciate the now - throughly and mindfully concentrate and not be distracted.  But I also need to pay attention to where I am heading.

Thinking ahead has helped me when the moment that I am living in - is horrible.  My favorite expression: "This too shall pass"- kind of the opposite to being present.  But can't I do both?
Maybe even bad times demand attention, however how do I keep hope present?  Hope that my life will smooth out and the emotional ups and downs will calm.  I can only look forward, and have faith that the future moments will be ones that I want to linger with.