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Saturday, January 23, 2016


Long long time.  So have I been climbing Mount Everest?  Sailing the seas?
No-just trying to deal with the challenges of the world and my private space.
I had trouble getting to the blog it has been so long.  Grief street is still in my neighborhood.

The other day-I had a moment of longing so intense it stopped me in my tracks.  I miss Bruce.  I thought about his quirky sense of humor and I so wanted to see him.  Of course I think of him every single day-and of course I miss him.  But this feeling was like that of missing a best friend-one who you would call to check in with.  And guess what-I can't do that.  And I guess for a moment I felt angry.  I was not aware of any anger before but I felt it acutely the other day when I thought about his health and the fact that he did not take care of himself for a good part of his life and how he died.

Next month I hit the seven year mark.  Long time and lots has transpired.  So many things in my life that are good and that Bruce would have wanted to be part of - and it is so terribly sad.

Promise I will be back!